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Our design and precision manufacturing facility is located in Maple Grove, MN - a suburb of Minneapolis. We believe in working closely with our clients on all aspects of the design and manufacturing process. To find out how Diligence can help your business, contact our engineering department to discuss your design and precision manufacturing project ideas. We can also review the manufacturability and/or fixturing of your parts through veiwing your prints and tolerance requirements to assure the best possible finished product.

Fax or email your print or send us your file through our FTP site. Our Solid Edge Translator can take .IGS, .DRW or .DXF, ProE, Solid Works, Parasolid, STEP and STL and most other files.


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Diligence, Inc.
10550 County Road 81
Suite #116
Maple Grove, MN 55369

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Phone: 763.898.3154
Fax: 763.898.3154


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STL (solids) (*.stl) Cadkey (*.prt)
VDA (*.vda) FST (*.fst)
DES (*des) CADL (*.cdl)
CSF (*.csf DEM (*.dem)
Quantity desired:
Estimated annual usage:
Delivery date needed:
Inspection desired, per lot size:
Certification required for stock material:
Certificate of compliance, including:
     P.O. Number and Part Number:
    Supplier Part Number and Lot Number:
     Quantity Shipped:
     Any other Statements of Compliance?
     Certificate of analysis required?
Special tooling required (supplied by buyer?):
Special gauging required.(supplied by buyer?):
Surface finish requirements:
Visual requirements:
Geometric tolerance call outs required not called out on prints:
Burr requirements (under what magnification):
Special operations (engraving, other):
Heat-treat requirements:
Plating requirements. (thickness, other specifications):
Cleaning requirements:
Type of Special Handling:
Shipping and packaging requirements:
Delivery location:
     ZIP Code:
Prints /design requirements (engineering):
Engineering notes:
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